Skeletal Anchorage in Orthodontics

An important requirement for successful orthodontic treatment is stable anchorage. Conventional orthodontic anchorage can be limited by periodontal disease and/or missing teeth. Skeletal anchorage has been proven to be very effective. It can be an essential part of non-compliance therapy and broadens the options available to the orthodontic practitioner.

Mini-Implants are especially advantageous because of the minimally invasive insertion protocol and their relatively low cost.

The Benefit System overcomes many of the limitations that can occur when conventional mini-implant systems are used for orthodontic anchorage.

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The BENEFIT-System

The Benefit -System can be used for a variety of applications in the maxilla – mainly in the palate – because of the design of the various abutments that are available. Indications include molar anchorage and distalization as well as anchorage for the retraction of anterior teeth and space closure.

Benefit Mini-Implants can be placed in edentulous areas of the maxilla or mandible for aligning teeth prior to prosthodontics and they can be used for uprighting molars.

The abutment fixation screw is internally retained, as a safety measure to avoid aspiration by the patient.

The integration of the Benefit-System in orthodontic practice will offer clinicians many new innovative treatment options.

Possible Indications:

  • Maxillary molar distalization and mesialization
  • Molar uprighting
  • Anchorage for upper anterior teeth and molars
  • Temporary tooth replacement
  • Palatale expansion
  • Indirect anchorage


  • Significantly less expensive than typical dental implants
  • Immediate loading is possible and recommended
  • Minimally invasive insertion protocol
  • Orthodontists can insert them themselves avoiding referrals to other dental specialists
  • Easy to remove
  • Internally retained fixation screw is securely integrated within each abutment


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