The PSM Neuro Soft-Plate Fixations System

The Neuro Soft Plate Fixation System was specially adapted for neurosurgical bony defects and osteotomies. All components have been designed by specialists according to ergonomical and clinical demands.

A large variety of 34 plate configurations are available, as well as 4 different mesh shapes in 19 different sizes and thicknesses for all cranial indications.
Burr hole covers for cranial flap closure are pre-contoured to the natural curvature of the skull minimizing bending. Additional bending can easily be done by manipulation with the fingertips, eliminating the need of plate bending pliers. All plates are equipped with the unique plate tag indicating the article number and Lot number for easier identification and traceability.
The surgeon can choose from 3 different self holding screw types with superior holding abilities. Each of these 1.7 mm screw types are available either as self drilling screws, that eliminates the need for a pre-drilling pilot hole, or as self tapping screws where a pilot hole has to be drilled. All screws have a very low torque transmission to the head of the screw due to the innovative thread design.
As a standard the implants are single packaged and supplied non-sterile. However all plates, screws and most meshes can be supplied in sterile single packaging by adding “ST” prior to the regular article number shown in this catalogue.


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